Release Notes March 2, 2016

Its been a little while since we last released. The team has been heads down delivering a new product you may have heard about. If you missed the press release you can read all about CampusMetric on our blog.

While revolutionizing business intelligence for Financial Aid we did find some time to do a little house keeping in StudentVerification/StudentForms:


  • [SV-1340] - V6 Additional Info Form -  Housing Section 8 amount from into Military/Clergy 
  • [SV-1345] - Error after visiting student's profile


  • [SV-1326] - Update tool tip for Statement of Educational Purpose

The tool tip for the statement of educational purpose upload step needs to be updated to indicate that only the school can upload the document. 

  • [SV-1330] - Correct Duplicate Checking

Updated logic for ISIR matching. System will no longer create duplicate accounts for name changes.  Solution will prevent future duplicates. However your institution may still discover duplicates created previously. These can be corrected by submitting a support ticket with the account information. 

  • [SV-1341] - Update SV - VerifyMyFafsa Certificate

Annual update of our SSL certificate (https) so your student data continues to be protected when in transit from your computer to our servers.  

For Single Sign-on (SSO) customers only. Intelligence has been added so that the role for the user no longer needs to be provided in the SSO claims. Users who are both a student and staff user will be routed by new logic to the Workflow page as a staff user. From there the user can toggle from their profile to the student task page and access system as a student. Please see the article here.