mailSettings is used if you are taking advantage of the email alert integration service which can be configured through > mailSettings > smtp. This points to the local SMTP so that emails can be sent out.


Within > mailSettings > smtp there are a potential 10 or less configurations. Which configurations are used are based on the deliveryMethod chosen. There a lot of instructional notes within the Web.config as seen above. For further

information please go to:

Required Settings

These settings are required when notifications are enabled:

  • deliveryMethod
    • Network: configures the options for an external SMTP server

    • PickupDirectoryFromIis: uses the path set in IIS to store emails to be processed

    • SpecificiedPickupDirectory: uses a designated file path to store emails to be processed
  • from
    • The email address that will appear as the from, ensure in correct email format
    • Example format: from=""

Delivery Method Specific Settings

These settings are required if either Network or SpecifiedPickupDirectory are chosen as the deliveryMethod:

  • network

  • specifiedPickupDirectory

    • pickupDirectoryLocation: the specific directory path where emails will be stored
    • Example format: pickupDirectoryLocation="C:\Pickup"