smtpSettings holds the couple of custom configurations that surround the integration option for notifications. If turned on errors will be sent out via email if/when they occur during any integration option(ISIR Corrections, Upload Services, or Event Notifications).This section is needed regardless of whether the email alert process is used. It can be coupled with the mailSettings configuration options.

Both of these settings are always required:

  • notificationsEnabled
    • This configuration is the reason you need smtpSettings regardless. 
    • To disable the email alerts for notification event failures and recurring job errors set this to false, otherwise set it to true.
  • sendTo
    • This configuration is only needed if the email alert process is enabled. 
    • The value is should be a comma separated list of emails
    • There is no maximum for the number of emails that can be in the list
    • Format example: sentTo=","