Users with access to Bulk Actions (Admin Menu>Bulk Actions) can build a list of students or import a list of students and then request a bulk action be applied for each student in the list. Lists can be built manually or imported from a list obtained from an external report. The system processes in the background and sends an email notification to the user who submitted it, when completed. 

Available bulk actions include:

- Select Students for a SAP Appeal

- Select Students for Verification

- Request Custom Forms/Upload Tasks

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Add Via Simple Search

Add Via Advanced Filters

Add Via Import of an External List

Import Using CLConnect

Select Action

Build a List of Students

The first step to run the bulk process is to identify the list of students. 

Navigate to Admin>Bulk Action.

  • Click the New Action button to start a new batch. 

  • Enter a unique name for the list and click the Continue button.

There are several ways to add students to the working list that the process is run against. These can be used separately or in combination until the desired list is built. The counter at the top of the page increments as students are added to the list. Below are details on how to create your bulk action request by the following methods:

  • Add Via Simple Search
  • Add Via Advanced Filtering
  • Add Via Import File
  • Add Via CLConnect

Add Via Simple Search

  • Use the simple search to add students by searching by name, student id or SSN. Matching records are displayed. Click on the + icon next to the result to add the student to the list.
  • Repeat until the list is built with the desired students.
  • Select the next button

Add Via Advanced Filters

  • Click on the Show Advanced Filtering to expose filters.
  • The advanced filtering allows the user to find groups of students that meet specific criteria.
    • Account Status
    • Verification and/or actionable c codes
    • Transaction Category
    • Dependency Status
  • Multiple criteria may be entered in the specify fields for v group, other actionable codes, transactions that do not exist, and dependency status
  • After entering the filter criteria, select search 
  • Reset link resets all criteria entered

  • Click the + sign next to each resulting student to add them to the list or click on Select All to add all results. 
    • Remove All -removes all student who have previously been added to the list
  • Once students have been added, select next to continue
  • Click Hide Advanced Filtering to return to simple search.

Add Via Import of an External List

This option allows for a list from your SIS or other systems to be imported to generate a working list. You may either import a list from the main bulk action summary screen or from within the new action screen(bulk actions list).

Please Note: The import file buttons found on the Bulk Actions Summary screen and the Bulk Actions List screen utilize different file formats.

The import file on the Bulk Actions Summary screen requires more information as it will perform the requested function outlined in the file.  The only action that is taken in StudentForms is to import the file, all other activity will be performed by the system.

The import file on the Bulk Actions List screen requires only ssn/student ID because you are using the information to create a student list.  Additional information will be gathered surrounding the actions you want to take on the accounts contained within the list.  For example, you can use the list to requesting a document/transaction.

Import File Requirements from Main Bulk Action Summary Screen:

  • The file format requires the same format and information as the import file for CLConnect Bulk Action File Layout 
  • The file must be a CSV file
  • The following fields are required:
    • ID
    • Action
    • Award Year
    • Reason
    • VGroup
    • Track
    • Transtype
    • Createtrans
    • Document
    • Additional Fields based on Action Type

Import File Requirements from Bulk Action List Screen(After selecting New Action):

  • The file must be a csv file
  • The only required field in the file must be either the SSN or the Student ID.
    • SSN must be in the format ######### without hyphens
    • You will get a greater match on SSN due to Student ID is only entered when student creates an account
  • No header row in import file
  • If creating file in excel and saving as a csv file, ensure that leading zeros are not removed from SSN or Student ID by formatting cells
  • Select the Import File button

  • Depending on your file select whether the identifier is a Social Security Number or a Student ID.
  • Click Import button.
  • Browse to the CSV file on your computer, select the file and click Open. 
  • The identifiers will be matched against existing records in the system. And the results will be displayed:

  • To get the list of identifiers not found click the Export Students not Found button.
  • Matched students are added to your working list. 

Import Using CLConnect

A school with CLConnect integrations may create a Bulk Action by importing a file through CLConnect. Please see Bulk Action Import Overview for more information on this process.

View and Manage Working List

As records are added to the working list the counter at the top of the page will increment. 

  • To see the details of records on the list or to remove students from the click the View List button.

  • Click the -- (minus) icon to remove students from the list. 
  • Click Close to return to building and processing the list. 
  • Click the Next Button to continue.

Select Action

Option 1: Select for Verification

  • Select Verification as the Action Type.
  • Select the appropriate Award Year (Note if the student does not have an ISIR for the selected year the transaction will not be created.)
  • Select the verification group (Note 
  • Enter a reason why the student was selected. 
  • Click the Submit for Processing button to initiate the process

Option 2: SAP Appeal

  • Select SAP Appeal as the Action Type.
  • Select the appropriate Award Year
  • Enter a tracking group to further identify the students being processed (e.g. term, program, cohort)
  • Enter a message to be included on the task that students will see. 
  • Click the Submit for Processing button to initiate the process.

Option 3: Request Additional Information (Add a document request to Verification or Request a Custom Form)

  • Select Request Information from the Action Type drop down.
  • Select the appropriate Award Year
  • Enter a Reason - This will be displayed to the student to explain the request.
  • Select either Verification or Other Documents as the transaction type. 
  • Select the document to be requested. The available documents will be filtered by award year and transaction type. 
  • Click the Submit for Processing button to initiate the process.

The process will run in the background and send the submitter an email when finished. For large list the process can take several minutes.

Bulk Action - Monitor Status


Bulk actions will email the submitter when completed but the status can also be monitored from the summary page. 

Navigate to Admin>Bulk Action.

  • The status column for each Bulk Action will display the following statuses:
    • Created - A list was built but no action has been taken. Click the  icon to edit the list and select a bulk action.
    • Processing - The action has started and records are being processed.
    • Completed - The action has run and records have been processed. 
  • The  icon displays the details of the action and the results:

  • The results for each student are available and in the case where a record did not process due to an error the error is displayed. Possible errors could include:
    • No ISIR for the selected year
    • Student already selected for the transaction for the specified year
    • Student deactivated
    • Transaction exists but award year was expired for the student

  • Export the results to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export button. 
  • Click Close button to return to the summary.