Bulk actions will email the submitter when completed but the status can also be monitored from the summary page. 

Navigate to Admin>Bulk Action.

  • The status column for each Bulk Action will display the following statuses:
    • Created - A list was built but no action has been taken. Click the  icon to edit the list and select a bulk action. 
    • Processing - The action has started and records are being processed.
    • Completed - The action has run and records have been processed. 
  • The  icon displays the details of the action and the results:

  • The results for each student are available and in the case where a record did not process due to an error the error is displayed. Possible errors could include:
    • No ISIR for the selected year
    • Student already selected for the transaction for the specified year
    • Student deactivated
    • Transaction exists but award year was expired for the student

  • Export the results to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export button. 
  • Click Close button to return to the summary.