Student Forms Release Notes


[SV-1007] - Bulk Action - Request SAP Appeal

New Bulk Action screen allows users to build a list of students or import a list of students and then add a transaction or task to all of the students. In this release we allow bulk request for SAP but more actions are to come. For those looking to use the SAP Appeal process and want to add the tasks in bulk please see the How to Guide.

[SV-1494] - Allow School to See Pending Parent E-Signature Requests
School users can now see that the request has been made and to which parent on the Student View tab in the 

[SV-1493] - Update Congratulations Message 

Clarified the language so students understand that file review still needs to be completed. 

[SV-1495] - Opt-Out of E-Sign Text Enhancement 

Updated instructions to clarify that the document must be signed and uploaded when e-signature is not used. 

[SV-1496] -  Update Text in Notification of Additional Tasks Message after E-sign Success

Update text to clarify that Tax Return Transcript is required (accent on "Return")

[SV-1573] - CL Connect - Communication Activity Info 

Enhancement to CL Connect Tool to Support Integration of Email and SMS Notifications. 


[SV-1588] - Staus Date sorting not working