ISIR Comparison Introduction

The ISIR comparison tool in the StudentForms platform allows a school user to compare multiple ISIR transactions to identify conflicting information across aid years or to view the differences on a subsequent ISIR to determine if action is needed. 

The ISIR Comparison can be accessed from the header of the student's record from the account screen or the file review screen. First search for a student or select get next from the Workflow tile to access a student record.

  • Click on the Compare ISIRs link on the student's record. 

  • Select an ISIR for the student from the drop down list of each column to include the ISIR transaction in the comparison. The number in the parenthesis indicates the transaction. 
  • Up to four ISIR transactions can be compared at a time by selecting the   icon to add more or the  icon to remove columns from the comparison. 

  • Use the toggle for Only Display Discrepancies to control how much information is displayed. When the toggle is off all sections of the ISIR will be available even if there is no discrepancy.
  • The  icon indicates that there is a change between ISIRs for the section. 
  • Use the chevron  next to a section to expand and view the fields underneath.

The discrepancy flag will flag fields where at least one of the ISIR transactions has a different value (including blanks). When discrepant information is presented, this can lead to additional information requests, ISIR corrections or no action depending on the scenario and your institutional policy and procedure.