CampusMetrics is the first of its kind. And I know every application says that, but this time it’s true. You may have heard of the term “SaaS” - Software as a Service. It’s software that provides a service that might normally be provided by humans. But CampusMetrics is more than a SaaS application - we call it a Business Intelligence as a Service (BiaaS - what an acronym). It takes your data and provides you with answers to questions you have been asking; some you may not have even thought to ask. It provides you visualizations of your data, which we’ve dubbed “insights”. It gives you the tools to take your data and dig deeper into it, without the assistance of outside help. The goal is to be as simple and as informative as possible. And it’s mobile - people love mobile.

First Login

Upon your first login you’ll notice the page is empty. My Insights is the dashboard page that will be the home of all of your favorite insights. Here you will be able to manage which insights you see upon each subsequent login, as opposed to always searching for them. We’ll go into further details about this page and what you can do once you begin adding insights to your dashboard.