Gallery Pages

A gallery is a collection of insights based on common information. All galleries belong to specific functionality of the application. For example, the Pell Information gallery is a collection of insights based on Pell information found on the ISIRs. The gallery itself is found under ISIR Insights, which is the entire collection of galleries based on information pertaining to all imported ISIRs. As new pieces of functionality are added to the application, new sections will appear in the Navigation 

Currently there are three libraries of galleries, broken down by ISIRs, operational data from the StudentForms application, and usage data from the AwardLetter application. The libraries contain the following galleries:

ISIR Insights Operation Insights Award Letter Insights
ISIR Volume
FAO Process AL Performance
Verification Process Performance
Pell Information Appeals
Loan Information



When viewing a gallery on desktop or a tablet device, a gallery will hold up to six insights per page. If the gallery contains multiple pages, you’ll find arrows on either side of the group of insights that will allow you to paginate to the next set. Another indicator that there are multiple pages within a gallery is the visual indicator found below the group of insights. The number of circles displayed represents the number of pages, while the filled in circle indicates which one of those pages you are currently on.

When viewing on a mobile device, the gallery contains one column and continue to load all insights as you scroll down, as opposed to having any pagination.

By default the order of the insights will appear in reverse chronological order. You can use the sort drop down above the group of insights to change the order. The following choices are:

  • Newest to Oldest (default)

  • Oldest to Newest

  • Most Viewed (across all CampusMetrics users)

  • Highest Rated (across all CampusMetrics users)

  • Most Favorited (across all CampusMetrics users)

  • Alphabetical

Each insight found in a gallery page has the title above and a thumbnail image to represent the type of chart it is. Along with the title, a heart icon will appear above the thumbnail image that manages whether or not the insight is one of your favorites, which places it on your My Insights page. Below the thumbnail image is a counter for the number of views and the average rating of the insight, both represented by all CampusMetrics users.

Clicking on the thumbnail image will navigate you to the insight page.