Insight Page

The real meat of the insight page is the giant visualization of the represented data that you’re looking for. Each visualization gives indication to what is measure and how it is measured. A description can be found above to help clarify how the information is being used.

Each insight contains a toolbar with the following options:

  • Back Button (left arrow) - navigates to the previous page viewed; this works differently than the using your browser’s back button when exploring insights (the next bullet point covers a little more of that). While your browser may go back to the last filtered result, this button will bypass all and leaves the page so that you do not have to continuously use the browser back button.

  • Explorer Mode (filter icon) - replaces the visualization with the raw data so that you can view the values. Power users can add/remove/replace variables and run custom insights. Please see the Explore Mode section for more details.

  • Refresh (refresh icon) - while in Explorer Mode, this will reset all changes fields and measures back to the default values of the insight. Please see the Explore Mode section for more details.

  • Favorite (heart icon) - this indicates an insight as one of your favorites and adds it to your My Insights dashboard for quick access

The actual insight itself may be interactive, depending on the type of chart you’re viewing. For example, you may be able to hover over a bar chart to view the count. Or if you’re looking at a map you can definitely zoom in and out.

The bottom of the insight page contains a group of charts similar to the current insight you’re viewing. While there are only three in the group, their appearance is similar to how they appear in the gallery page.


Insight Views

Insight Views can be seen below every insight, whether you’re looking viewing them in My Insights, the gallery pages, or in the insight page itself. A view is generated each time a visualization is rendered - within the insight page or within My Insights. The count you see is the total amount of views a particular insight has generated at the time you’re looking at it and accounts for all views by all CampusMetrics users so that you can see what other people are viewing more often.

Within an Insight Page, you can click on the views indicator to open a pop-out module with statistics about the views. For each insight, you can see the total number of views (“All Views”), the number of views generated by your school, and the number of views generated only by you. The numbers continually update each time an insight visualization is generated.


Insight Ratings

We love feedback! And because we love feedback, we’ve included a rating system to allow you to voice an opinion on how useful you think an insight is. Not only do we want to know how useful it is, but we want to promote the insights that have the highest ratings to new users.

Just like the Insight Views, you can see the Insight Ratings just about everywhere. Outside of the Insight Page itself, the ratings module only shows the average rating by all CampusMetrics users.

Within the Insight Page, you can click on the ratings indicator to open a pop-out module with statistics about the ratings and the ability to cast your vote. For each insight, you can can see the average rating for the insight along with the count of votes for each star rating. At the bottom you can choose your rating by simply hovering over the stars and selecting one - you will immediately see the vote casted in the results. At anytime you can change your rating.