One question you may have is How do I get my data into the system? A great question. The Import ISIR tool allows you to manually upload your ISIR files into the application. Clicking on the import button will open your file browser and select the file(s) you would like to upload. They will be instantly added to your history grid and processed. Based on the file size, it may take a few minutes for all ISIR records to be processed. If you’re already using the wonderful StudentForms application, you can have all ISIRs uploaded into that application.

The Import ISIR also contains a history of all ISIRs that have been uploaded into the application. It contains basic information you would want to know about each file, like the file name, who uploaded it, and the date and time it was imported. The grid also reports what award year each file is associated to and the number of new and duplicate ISIRs found in the file. Each ISIR record processed is tagged by its ISIR ID, which is a combination of the award year, the student’s social security number, first two letters of the last name, and the transaction number. These IDs are stored and checked every time a new files are uploaded. If an ISIR record has the exact same ID, it will be marked as a duplicate ISIR. Otherwise, if there is no match the application will know it is a new ISIR.

The Import ISIR page is only available to the CampusMetrics Admin and User roles (see the User Management article).

Please Note: ISIR import can also be automated using our CL Connect product.