A few goodies in this one. An ISIR comparison tool for finding conflicting information cross aid years, more notification options to keep students in the loop and we extended the power to waive items to the FAO role based on your feedback. Oh and we fixed a few obnoxious problems. 


[SV-400  ] - ISIR Comparison Page

The ISIR comparison tool allows for comparing as many as 4 ISIR transactions side-by-side either within an aid year or across aid years with conflicting data highlighted for easy identification of what changed. For details see the How to Guide.

[SV-862  ] - Communications Enhancements

We also updated the Communications setup with better organization and labeling of the available notifications to help you find the right notification more easily. Check it out at Admin>School Settings>Communication. Also there are now separate notifications for each file type that are triggered when you manually select somebody or when you add the transaction manually. We recommend reviewing the templates for the following by going to Admin>School Settings>Communication and make sure these are turned on and that the messages are worded the way your institution wants them. For details see the Setup Communication Guide.

New Notifications:

  • Verification Manually Selected
  • SAP Appeal Manually Selected
  • PJ EFC Manually Selected
  • PJ Dependency Override Manually Selected

[SV-1255] - Notification to Student When Parent Signs Documents

A new notification can be used to send the student an email and/or text message when their parent e-signs. The communication let's them know that they can no go in and submit their documents and continue the process. We highly recommend going to Admin>School Settings>Communication page, turning this on and editing the templates to make it will be clear to your students what their next step is. 

[SV-1627] - Completed File Review Notification Template Update 

A new merge field with the transaction type (e.g. Verification, SAP, Professional Judgement) has been added for communicating to a student that their file has been reviewed. If you have modified the template previously you will need to go to Admin>School Settings>Communication and edit the template for "File Review Completed

[SV-1498] - Enhancement - Advanced Filtering Search Request 

You can now go to the advanced filter on the file review workflow tile and search for files that had a status change for a specific data range. 

[SV-1630] - Add Waive Task and Waive Steps (Subtasks) to FAO User

The ability to waive a task or a step under a task has now been extended to users with the FAO role. For those new to waiving check out Waiving Tasks.


[SV-1547] - Requirements Popover Hides Site Content

[SV-1629] - Waive SubTasks Not Appearing in IE

[SV-1635] - Notification for Forced Verification

[SV-1636] - Waive step after Document Rejected

[SV-1637] - 15/16 Non-filer form not populating

[SV-1638] - Exception When Processing ISIRs With Parent Changes

[SV-1639] - Fix Illegal Path Characters Exception When Uploading