The CampusCommunicator Upload step will allow you to configure settings in regards to the automated upload process.

(Note: AwardLetter was the previous name of this product. Some areas of our enterprise are still awaiting updates.)

*Upload File Path: The file path where the CampusCommunicator files are located. Clicking “Select Folder” will allow you navigate through your C:\ drive to select a folder, but you can also manually enter the path to the specified folder in the given textbox. You must allow permissions on the specified folder in order for the process to work. Clicking the “test” button will allow you to ensure that CLConnect has the appropriate read/write permissions on the path provided. The path specified must be different than the specified path for ISIR Upload / ISIR Corrections if using those features.

Check Sub-Folders: If this option is enabled and an CampusCommunicator file is being uploaded, then CLConnect will check the sub-folders of the upload path and use the sub-folder name as the file type, allowing you to upload different multiple-files with different formats (i.e. uploading an CampusCommunicator vs. an Admissions letter). This options should only be enabled if your school is unable to use the same file format for each template. The match to FileType name is case-insensitive. If no matching FileType is found then the file is NOT uploaded an an error is logged in CLConnect. CLConnect will ignore the Archive path if it is a sub-folder of the Upload path, regardless of the settings for "Check Sub-Folders".

*Archive File Path: Similar to the Upload File Path, the archive file path will allow you to specify the folder where you would like the ISIR files to be placed after processing. Permissions must also be granted to this folder.

*Upload Frequency Type: The frequency at which the files should be processed. Default value is "daily".

Weekly: Once a week at 12AM UTC time on Monday

Daily: once a day at 12AM UTC time

Minutely: every minute 

Hourly: every hour at the top of the hour for UTC time reference

*Days To Run: Indicates the days of the week that the upload process will run. At least one day must be selected.

* = Required

Web.config example:

Once this is complete, please move on to the next guide here: CampusCommunicator Upload Testing