Please Note: If you are a student or parent user, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid at the institution the student attends for assistance. These articles are for school use only, they are not intended for student or parent use/help.

The student has the option to opt out of e-sign on the review and sign section of the webform. The student has the ability to opt out of e-sign at anytime, they may also opt back into e-sign by the same manner. 

Please note: For dependent students, StudentForms checks the ISIR for the the parent match flags with the Social Security Administration on their name, date of birth and SSN. At least one parent listed on the ISIR must have an SSN Match flag value of 4. If neither parent passes the SSA match, the student is automatically opted out of e-sign.

On the review and sign page of the webform, the student clicks on the opt out of e-sign switch to change it to yes.

Once they select Opt out of E-Sign, the student is presented with the instructions for opting out of e-sign. The student must select confirm to continue opting out of e-sign. Selecting cancel returns the student to the e-sign screen.

After the student confirms that they would like to opt out of e-sign, the e-sign button changes to a download button.

Please note: If the student has previously opted out of e-sign and has returned to the form to make corrections, they must re-download the form to get any steps determined by information provided in the form to re-evaluate and update.

Selecting the download button may either open a PDF of the webform or it may require you to select open or save depending on the browser used.  The student would then need to print the document.

Printing options vary by PDF viewer.  There should be a printer icon or the student can right click and select print.

Once the form has been printed, signed and dated.  An upload step is added to their task.

The student selects the upload button to upload the signed document into StudentForms.

If the student has previously e-signed the document and then decides to opt out of e-sign.  The student would need to select the fill out button to update their webform.

Once in the webform the student navigates to the review and sign section to opt out of e-sign.

Please note: If the student is a dependent student and has requested the parent e-signature. The student must cancel the e-sign request and then select the fill out button.