If a user is trying to reset their password, retrieve their username or unlock their account (parent users only) and receives the following error, this indicates that their email address is associated to more than one StudentForms account. This may occur if a parent has multiple accounts for children attending the same institution, or other users who may use the same email address. The verified email address is tied to the account and is used for username retrieval and password resets. If the email is associated to more than one account, StudentForms does not know which account information it needs to retrieve or reset.

If the accounts using the same email are known, a school user may temporarily update one of the email address to be a different email address.  This allows the reset password, retrieve username options to work.

If the accounts are not known, a school support admin may open a support ticket that includes the email address, type of user (student, parent, school) and student name (if issue is with student or parent account).