Release Notes


  • [SV-1540] - Ability to Have a Custom Appeal Process
In this release we expanded the appeal functionality to allow a school to create appeal for other processes. The process does require a custom form to be created but then a review and approval process similar to Professional Judgement and SAP. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like implement. 
  • [SV-1127] - Visibility of Appeal Decision
All roles can now see the comments entered on appeals so that they can provide better support to students when an appeal is not granted. This is view only access. 
  • [SV-1497] - Ability to import multiple ISIR files at Once
Institutions manually uploading ISIRs can now grab more than one file at a time. 
  • [SV-1502] - New Award Year Communication
Continuing students who already have a StudentForms Account will now automatically be notified by the system that they have been selected for verification in a new Aid Year. 


  • [SV-1645] - Complete Review Button Disabled
  • [SV-1649] - Parent Email Address Error