The Student Request feature allows an institution to configure appeal types and custom forms that students can initiate themselves through self-service without an administrator adding the transaction or task to their record. For Student Request, the student is only able to request once per AY, if multiple are needed, the school user will need to request additional transactions. Users with Admin access can configure these settings by navigating to Admin>School Settings. 

In order to use this feature, an institution must be using Appeals (Professional Judgment, SAP, Custom Appeals - see Appeals Setup) , a custom webform, or a custom document upload task. 

Click on the Student Requests tile. 

Student Requests

By default the feature is turned off in each customer environment. Click the feature to the "On" position. This will display and enable additional settings for the feature.

Select Appeals and Forms that Student Can Initiate

  • Activate the appeal types and forms that school wants to make available for students to add to their record through self-service by setting each switch to the "On" position.
    • Please note that individual forms available for request are only those found other the "Other Documents" transaction.
  • Optionally Click the Edit button to open an editor to provide custom instructions for the student when they select the item. Consider providing definitions, steps in the process, evaluation criteria etc to help students understand what they are selecting and the process for the appeal or custom form they are requesting. 

  • Click Save & Close to save instructions.

  • Click Save to save all changes to Student Request configurations.