Release Notes

This release cranks the self-service up a notch by allowing for students to initiate their own appeals or custom forms without an administrator adding the tasks to their record. Don't forget that last release we also added the ability for schools to add their own appeals processes. You can now use custom forms, custom appeals and student request to build your own self-service processes. 


Institutions can now configure appeals and custom forms that they allow a student to initiate through self-service. 

  • [SV-1654] - CL Connect Setup Wizard
The CL Connect tool for easy integration just got easier. Instead of configuring via the web configuration there is a new wizard that walks you through each step of configuration with a full UI. 

  • [SV-1350] - ISIR Correction Integration with TD Client
Institutions can now automate the return of ISIR corrections to the department in a scheduled automated fashion without intervention by a user. For details see the [insert article here]


  • [SV-1657] - V Group not Populating for Manually Selected Students
  • [SV-1658] - Bulk Action - Import Issues
  • [SV-1666] - Web Forms Within Waived Tasks Can Still Be Filled Out
  • [SV-1670] - IE 11 - Can't ESign WebForms
  • [SV-1671] - Additional Information Requests Not Filtering Documents by File Type
  • [SV-1672] - File Review Workflow Search/Export
  • [SV-1674] - ISIR files not uploading in IE 9