Institutions can allow students to add appeal and/or custom form to their task list immediately rather than contacting the Aid Office to request a task be added so that forms can be completed and/or documents uploaded. Students can then start a process through self-service and then continue as they normally would. For the Aid Office the document and file review processes are exactly the same as a process initiated by the institution view a manual selection, bulk selection or custom trigger. 

Setup Prerequisites

To use this feature the Institution must have activated and configured at least one appeal type (SAP, Professional Judgement or Custom Appeal) or a custom webform or custom document upload task is available for use. Then the institution must configure the appeal types and custom forms that allow students to initiate the process. Award Year settings must also be set so that appropriate deadlines are managed in the system. Please see the following articles for more information:

Student Process

The student navigates to StudentForms (SF) as she normally would either from a student portal or via direct login to SF. A button at the top is available to +- Request.

  • The student clicks the request and a window opens with appeal types and forms that are available.

  • The student clicks the to add a new item to their task list. 
  • Items with an active icon meet the following criteria:
    • The institution has configured them to allow student initiation
    • The operation dates configured for the Award Year have note passed
    • If the item is a custom form or upload document or professional judgement that it has not already been submitted for the award year.

  • If configured, the student is provided with custom instructions from your institution. The student then is required to put in a reason for the request will be displayed to the reviewer.
  • The student clicks Submit to create the tasks. The student is automatically redirected back to their task page to begin completing the submission process. 
  • The student will also receive a confirmation email/text message confirming the new task per your communication configuration.