This guide will walk you through upgrading your instance of CL Connect.

NOTE: If you are upgrading to 3.13.X+, please skip down to that section.

If you are upgrading your version of CL Connect, navigate to the CL-Connect page on GitHub.

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Extract the files from the downloaded into a new folder.

3. Copy all extracted files except the App_Data folder and web.config and paste them into your existing copy of CL Connect. It is imperative that you exclude these files because they are used to store your data and settings -- copying over the downloaded versions will overwrite them.


NOTE: You may need to Stop your IIS website and the DefaultAppPool before you're allowed to move the new files into the wwwroot location.
To stop the IIS site:

1. Open IIS Manager

2. Select the site under Connections

3. Under Actions > Manage Website, select Stop 
NOTE: Make sure to Start the site again once CL Connect is upgraded.


To stop the DefaultAppPool:

1. Open IIS Manager


2. Select Application Pools under Connections


3. Select DefaultAppPool

4. Under Actions on the right > Application Pool Tasks > select Stop


NOTE: Make sure to Start the Application Pool again once CL Connect is upgraded.


Finish Up: 


Now that CL Connect is upgraded to the latest version, please verify that the settings and data have been retained by launching your instance of CL Connect. The version number of CL Connect can be found on the CL Connect Home page at the bottom of the window.



NOTE: CL Connect version 2.11.1+ includes a new STS Token Service. If the firewall rules on the server that CL Connect is currently installed on are restricted, please take a look at our updated firewall rules and make any necessary changes.

3.13.X +

NOTE: This version of CL Connect is not a MANDATORY upgrade. The changes made in this version are preparing CL Connect for future updates but it is not required as of now. 

This version of CL Connect altered the web.config file quite a bit. This file is used by IIS to load CL Connect and all of it's configurations. This version of CL Connect requires the new code in the web.config file packaged on Github.

If you're a new user to CL Connect and have not setup any configurations yet, please use version 2.13.3 from Github. The 3.13.X version is currently not working for new builds.

If you're an existing customer who has already setup configurations in CL Connect, you can replace the web.config file in the latest package with your existing web.config that contains all of your configurations. However, this will require you to manually add a line of code directly into your configuration file. The code is different depending on the environment you're working on:

  • Locate the <appSettings> section and enter in the following line of code after the "ApiPassword" value entry:


           SANDBOX: <add key="GwWebApiUrl" value="" />

           PROD: <add key="GwWebApiUrl" value="" />