This guide will walk you through upgrading your instance of CL Connect.


IIS Manager:


1. Open IIS Manager.


2. In the Connections section on the left, expand the directory tree through Sites.


3. Select Default Web Site (or what CL Connect was named at the time of installation).


4. Click on Stop in the Actions bar on the right.



Download CL Connect: 


5. Navigate to the CL-Connect page on GitHub.

6. Click on Code.


7. Select Download ZIP.



8. Extract the files from the downloaded into a new folder.


9. Copy all extracted files except the App_Data folder and web.config file.


10. Paste the copied files into the existing directory for CL Connect. .


NOTE: It is imperative that you exclude these files because they are used to store your data and settings -- copying over the downloaded versions will overwrite them.


***The steps in this blue section only have to happen once when upgrading CL Connect from a previous version to 4.0.1. If you have already done this please skip to step 18.***

.NET Framework Setup:

11. Run the ndp4.8-web.exe to update the .NET framework to version 4.8. Please follow the .NET installer prompt and restart the server after .NET is updated.
NOTE: If an error is received when running the .NET installer you possibly have version 4.8 already installed. To find your .NET version, you can run the following command: 

reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Net Framework Setup\NDP" /s
SQL Local DB:

12. Run SqlLocalDB.MSI to install 2019 SQL Express.

NOTE: If you are already using 2019 SQL Express or have a SQL External DB for CL Connect, please skip to step 13.
Update web.config file:

13. Make a copy of your current web.config file for backup purposes.
14. Run Command Prompt as Administrator.

15. In the command window, navigate to the directory where CL Connect is installed. 

INFO: For the default location type this in the command prompt: cd C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CL-Connect-master
16. Type the following command to run the script and update the web.config file to work with this release of CL Connect: PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\Updater.ps1

INFO: This new web.config file contains values that the previous one did not have. This command will allow you to run a PS script that will automatically copy your configuration from the old file to the new.
17. This is the result of a successful update of the web.config file.

IIS Manager:


18. Go back to IIS Manager and select Default Web Site (or what CL Connect was named at the time of installation). 


19. Click on Start in the Actions bar on the right.



Finish Up: 


20. Now that CL Connect is upgraded to the latest version, please verify that the settings and data have been retained by launching your instance of CL Connect. The version number of CL Connect can be found on the CL Connect Home page at the bottom of the window.