If you have used the expire transaction by Award Year in error, you can unexpire those transactions by creating an unexpire transaction file. You may also follow the instructions below if you imported a file to expire transactions and need to unexpire transactions.

First the admin user should go to Admin>Expire Transactions. In the Expire Transaction screen select the link in the successful column for the transactions expired in error.

In the More Information About Expire Transactions screen select the export button.

This downloads a .csv file to your computer. Depending on your default browser, you may need to save the file before opening the file.

Open the .csv file.

You can create the unexpire .csv file from this report.  The requirements for the expire/unexpire transaction file may be here.

In the open file delete the following columns:

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth


You will be left with the columns below. Next make the following changes to the file.

In the award year column replace the award year range YYYY-YYYY with the last digit of the trailing award year. i.e. 2017-2018 replace with 8, 2018-2019 replace with 9, etc.

In the transaction category column, replace the category name with the corresponding transaction number value. 

Verification = 1

SAP Appeals = 2

Dependency Appeals = 3

EFC Appeals = 4

Other Documents = 5

In the action column, replace expiring with Unexpire

Delete the row with the column headers SSN, Award Year, Transaction Category, Action

Note: Import will fail if column headers are left in file.

Your file should look like the example below.

Save the file as a csv file. Go to Admin>Expire Transactions and follow the process for Expire Transaction -Import File to unexpire the students expired in error.