This step allows you to configure the automated process of importing student documents into the StudentForms application.  For more information about the worker, click here.

*Import Frequency: Allows you to specify how often to run the import.

*Import Path: This is the location of the files that will be imported.  The location of your student documents and the index file are treated as the same.  Clicking “Select Folder” will allow you navigate through your C:\ drive to select a folder, but you can also manually enter the path to the specified folder in the given text box. You must allow permissions to the IIS user "IIS_IUSRS" on the specified folder in order for the process to work. Clicking the “test” button will allow you to ensure that CL Connect has the appropriate read/write permissions on the path provided. The path specified must be different than other paths in the wizard.

*Archive Path: This is the location where files from the Import directory will be moved to once the imports have finished processing.

*File Extension: This is the extension of the index file.  Only files ending with the specified extension will be picked up for processing.

*File Uses Student Social Security Numbers:  Indicates if the identifiers in the index file will be social security numbers.

*File Has Header Row:  Indicates whether or not your index file has a header.  If enabled, CL Connect will skip the first row of your index file.

* = Required