For more information about Document Imports, click here.  To test Document Imports, first you must access Processing Queues via the home page.

From the dashboard, click the "Recurring Jobs" menu item in the header. This will give you a list of scheduled jobs. You should see a record for Document Imports in the list.

Next, place a test file into the Import Path you selected from the setup wizard.  Based on the frequency you selected, the file may take a while to be processed.  You can see when it will be processed if you look at the Next execution column.  You can also trigger the processing immediately by selecting the row and clicking Trigger now.  

You will know the test file has processed once it has been move from the Import Path to the Archive Path.  Any imaged student document that failed to be processed will not be moved to the archive folder.  If the process encountered any errors when processing the file, then you will see a new file in the archive path with the same name as the test file but appended with a .failures extension.  The .failures file will indicate what went wrong during the processing and how to fix it.

At this point you are done.  Student Verification will automatically link the document to the students.