Release Notes - 17-18 Award Year

The last two years we were the first software company to be ready for the new award year usually within a week or two after the FAFSA opened . This year with early FAFSA and PPY we out did ourselves and all regulatory changes and ISIR layout updates are done in advance of the FAFSA opening. While it may seem unnatural to be thinking about preparing for a new award year in September, here is a checklist to help you prepare for using StudentForms in 17-18: New Award Year Checklist

Regulatory Updates

The following changes were made to support the new aid year. Please also note that if you received 2015 tax documents already from students for 2016-2017, those documents will automatically satisfy 2017-2018 document requirements. If you have recently started using the product or are in the middle of onboarding please contact your CSM to discuss importing these documents from and external system to apply to the new year. Also, please note that per the changes in verification defined by the Department of Education, V6 has been suspended as a verification group.

  • [SV-1719] - Update Aplication content and verbiage for 17-18
  • [SV-1735] - Update Document Types and Web Forms
  • [SV-1713] - Update ISIR Import Layout for 17-18
  • [SV-1718] - New Verification Outcome Codefor V4/5
  • [SV-1750] - Update Tax Documentation for Household Form
  • [SV-1761] - Action: Create Correction File
  • [SV-1762] - Action: Assign Tax Web Form
  • [SV-1717] - Household Form Changes
  • [SV-1721] - Script Update All 2015 Tax Documents to Lifetime
  • [SV-1751] - Update Comment Code Short Descriptions


  • [SV-1766] - 399 Workbench

A new tool has been added to the product to help schools manage the new Comment Code 399 resulting from conflicting tax information across aid years. A new tile has been added to the workflow page that will show a queue of students who need to be addressed. Both aid years can be compared side-by-side and the research and ISIR correction can be completed without leaving the page. For more information see the how to guide: 399 Workbench Guide

  • [SV-1027] - Add Document Values to SOI Form
  • [SV-1781] - Search Students Toolbar by Full Name
  • [SV-1803] - Add comment area when assigning PJ 



  • [SV-1797] - WebForms do not support being on multiple tasks for same AY
  • [SV-1800] - Unable To Submit Task When Document Loaded Previously
  • [SV-1806] - Waive/Unwaive Tax Transcripts Event Displays Description
  • [SV-1808] - Parent Forgot Username Email Should Use Parent's Name
  • [SV-1822] - Typo on a form
  • [SV-1838] - 2017-2018 Statement of Education Purpose Upload by Student