Version 14.69.2457: This patch contains enhancements added to the 399 workbench tool and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-1027] - Add Document Values to SOI Form

Two versions of the Separation of Income document type were created for 2017-2018, one for student (and spouse) and one for parent(s). ISIR correction fields have been associated to their respective documents.

  • [SV-1858] - 399 Workbench Grid - ISIR Columns

The 16-17 ISIR and 17-18 ISIR columns found on the workbench will now display the current Verification transaction status for the award year. If a transaction has not been opened for the AY yet, the field will display "ISIR Found - No Transaction". If an ISIR has not been loaded for the 16-17 award year, the field will display "No ISIR Found".

  • [SV-1861] - Take Action - Pend Record

You can now pend 399 records to indicate needing further review or to be worked on in the future. Clicking pend will move the status of the record to Pending.

  • [SV-1859] - Workbench Grid - Filter Changes

Update the 399 workbench filter to include the new Pending status, along with the new default filter "All Open Records" (containing all records in Unresolved, Pending, and Reopened status) and "All Statuses", which shows all records.

  • [SV-1857] - Take Action - Pending Task Follow Up Actions

When a 399 record is in Pending Task status, the ability to create a correction file for 16-17 or manually resolve the record will be available once the 17-18 Verification transaction is in Verified status; this is to avoid possibly creating duplicate 17-18 correction files or pre-maturely resolving a record that still has issues with 17-18.

  • [SV-1862] - 2015 Tax Info Tool Tip Change

Minor text update to the 2015 Tax Info task tool tip exclusive to the 399 workbench.


  • [SV-1855] - Document Mapping Not Showing All Docs
  • [SV-1865] - Role "Generic Transaction Help Desk" cannot view Other Documents transaction