Release Notes

One week old and already updates to 399 workbench based on feedback regarding additional fields and document requests. Updates to custom forms and triggers and verbiage updates based on customer requests.


  • [SV-1900] - Add Untaxed Income ISIR Fields to Workbench

Based on customer feedback from our introductory training webinar for the 399 Workbench. We added all untaxed income fields for comparison/correction. 

  • [SV-1901] - Select Docs to Assign

Also based on customer feedback from training, the request info from the workbench now allows for the selection of Untaxed Income form and/or Tax Information Web Form

  • [SV-1824] - Request to Add ID Types for Upload with Citizenship Status 

Customer request to change "Upload Valid ID" to "Upload Valid Government Photo ID"

  • [SV-1841] - Provide more detail for missing parents on household form 

Customer request to tell dependent students that they forgot to include at least one parent in their household number. 

  • [SV-1853] - Request to Add EFC Above File Review/Student View

Customer Request to show the EFC from the latest ISIR in the File Review header. 

  • [SV-1903] - Request to Change Over-payment Verbiage

Customer request to clarify the language around over-payment.


  • [SV-1823] - Statement of Educational Purpose - One Page Print