Student Forms Release Notes



  •  [SV-1749] - Convert Exports to use Replication DB's and Optimization

Performance improvements for exports on the Reports page.  

  •   [SV-1921] - Client Document Types allow Multiple Clients to a Doc

Enables institutions to share custom forms 

  •  [SV-1929] - Parent Task Reminder Event Notification 

Added business event subscription that a parent reminder was sent out. Can be used for system integration purposes. 

  •  [SV-1952] - Request to Add More Help Text - Verification of Non-filing Letter 

Added explanation for the need and purpose of the 4506-T form and a link to the form on the IRS website. 


  •  [SV-1930] - Formatting issue with PDF ISIR 16/17 and 17/18
  •  [SV-1940] - Type Ahead Flooding Server With Calls
  •  [SV-1947] - Reset parent password unavailable to school users

New Document Types Added

The following global document types were add to the document library. Institutions using imaging system integrations may need to update their document mapping: