This guide will walk you through setting up CL Connect for the CampusCommunicator Print integrationThis particular configuration creates a higher-quality PDF file of the "PRINT" template type. This configuration does not allow an index file to be generated with the PDF.

Step by Step Guide:


1. Navigate to the CL Connect landing page and click "Clicking Here..." for Setup CL Connect.


Initial Setup:

Note: The instructions below reference a product called "Award Letter". This is the previous name of CampusCommunicator. CL Connect has not been updated yet to include the product name change.


2. From the Initial Setup page, check the boxes next to Event Notifications and Award Letter Print.

3. Click through to the Event Notifications configuration using the Continue button, or by clicking Event Notifications in the left-hand menu.


Event Notifications:

4. Click Add another event on the right side to create a new row under "Events to respond to".

5. Enter the Event Notification ID of "501" in the first field and change the drop-down to Print.

6. Click through to the Award Letter - Print configuration by using the Continue button or by selecting it in the menu on the left.

AwardLetter - Print:

7. Complete the following fields:

  • Upload Path: The path where the PDF(s) will be exported to. This path must be different then all other           export locations already specified in CL Connect. This path must also have the appropriate permissions (Modify or Full Control) for the IIS Application Pool identity being used for CL Connect.

  • File Name Format: The name of the PDF file(s). If left blank, the file name will default to "StudentID.pdf".
    • A full list of the dynamic data tokens that can be used in this field can be found in the File Definitions article. The "ScholarshipUniverse Event Values" do not apply.

8. Click the Continue button.


Save Configurations: 

9. Click the Save button on the right.


Once this is complete, please move on to the next guide here: CampusCommunicator Print Testing