This guide will walk you through testing out the CampusCommunicator Print option in CL Connect.

Step 1 - Before You Begin...

  • Ensure you have completed all steps for CampusCommunicator Print setup.
  • You will need access to your sandbox CampusCommunicator site, as well as the sandbox StudentForms site. If you do not have your sandbox url(s) please contact your Customer Success Manager or Financial Aid department for the link, and access to the site.
  • You will also need a CampusCommunicator test file with records with template types of Print. If you do not currently have a test file, you can take a previously processed file from the portal, or contact your Customer Success Manager or FInancial Aid department.
  • This is also assuming that all File Mapping has been completed for CampusCommunicator. If you are unsure if your File Mapping has been completed please contact your Customer Success Manager or Financial Aid department.

Step 2 - Import CampusCommunicator Test File

  • Take the CampusCommunicator file you have created/received and drop it in the CampusCommunicator Import folder on the server running CL Connect.

*Please see this guide: Create/Identify Network Folders if you have not created the folder.

Step 3 - Check the CampusCommunicator UI

  • After the file is processed, login to your CampusCommunicator sandbox environment and verify that the file has moved over successfully.

Step 4 - Check Queue for CL Connect

  • Once you've confirmed that the file is in the CampusCommunicator platform, open CL Connect and navigate to the queues dashboard on Step 2. of the landing page.
  • Click on the Jobs Queue and ensure that you see the event in either the Processing or Succeeded queues
  • *You are looking for an event that has an EventNotificationId of 501*

Step 5 - Check for CampusCommunicator PDF(s) Downloaded

  • Ensure the CampusCommunicator PDF(s) are in the folder that they should be and that should be it!

Congratulations, you've completed all CampusCommunicator integrations.