This guide will walk you through installing and configuring IIS on Windows Server. CL Connect has been tested with Windows Server 2012 - 2019. Please use the latest Windows Server version available to you.  

The instructions and screenshots below were created using Windows Server 2012 R2. Steps may vary depending on the version you're using.

1a.***If IIS is already installed on the machine, please skip to step 8a.***

1b. Open the Start Menu and select the Server Manager icon.

2. In the Server Manager click Manage in the upper right hand corner, then Add Roles and Features.

3. Click Next

4. On the left hand side, select Installation Type and ensure Role-based of feature-based installation is selected. Click Next.

5. Select the appropriate server and hit Next

6.Scroll down to Web Server(IIS) and check the checkbox

7. This will create a pop-up, check the Include Management tools box, and click Add Features. This will take you back to the Add Roles and Features Wizard. Click Next.

8a. ***If IIS is already installed, please open the server manager and click on 'Manage'. Then, select 'Add Roles and Features' and then click the 'Next' button until you reach the "Select Features" screen shown below.***

8b. This will take you to the Features tab.

     Ensure .NET Framework 4.5 Features is checked. Then, expand '.NET Framework 4.5 Features' and select ASP.NET 4.5.

     Click Next.

***If .NET Framework 4.5 or ASP.NET 4.5 are not shown please click here and follow the instructions.***

9. Click Next

10. On Role Service, scroll down to the Application Development option and expand it. Then select .NET Extensibility 4.5 and ASP.NET4.5.

11. If prompted, select "Add Features".

12. Then scroll down and select IIS Management Console and IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility. Click Next.

13. Click Install

14. Once the features are installed, click Close and proceed to the next step: Download CL Connect