This guide walks you through how to install .NET 4.5+.

CL Connect has been tested on Windows Server 2012-2019. Please use the latest version of Windows Server currently available to you. Depending on the version of Windows Server you're using, .NET 4.5+ may already be installed. 

1. Open your file explorer and navigate to the "CL-Connect-master" folder (likely in your wwwroot folder)

2. Open CL-Connect Master and double click the file named dotNetFx45_Full_setup.

3. Click Run on the modal window

4a. ****If you start the download and receive a message confirming the software is already installed than please disregard this step. Most Windows Server 2012 and newer machines will have this pre-installed***

4b. If you are prompted with the terms and conditions window, please read and accept the terms and conditions and click Install

5. Click Finish

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