CL Connect has been tested on Windows Server 2012-2019. Most Windows Servers 2012 and newer versions will have .NET pre-installed. Please use the latest version of Windows Server currently available for CL Connect. This is only necessary if the OS is Windows Server 2012 or if the .NET version is older than 4.5. This guide is a walkthrough for the included .NET 4.5 installer that comes in the CL Connect package.


File Explorer:


1. Open file explorer and navigate to the CL-Connect-master folder.


INFO: Default location is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CL-Connect-master


2. Run the file named dotNetFx45_Full_setup.



Security Warning:


3. If prompted, click Run the button.



NOTE: If a message states the software is already installed then disregard this article.

.NET 4.5 Setup:


4. If prompted with the terms and conditions window, read and accept the terms and conditions and click Install button.


5. Click the Finish button.


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