This guide will walk you through configuring IIS so that the CL Connect Website can run on Localhost.

1. Launch your Internet Information Services Manager and navigate to Application Pools

2. Ensure the Application Pool associated with the site is using .NET Framework 4.5. You can do this by selecting Application Pools, and right-clicking the appropriate App pool and selecting Advanced Settings.

2. Make sure the below configurations are set and then click OK:


  a. .NET Framework version is 4.0 or greater

   b.Start Automatically is set to True or for newer versions of IIS Start Mode is set to Always Run

   c."Idle Time-out" is set to 0 (zero)

  d.Load User Profile is set to True.



*NOTE: If you'd like to configure a custom account (ie: network account) for your identity user, please refer to the following article.

3. Next right click on Default Website and then click on Manage Web Site.

    Finally, click on Advanced Settings.

4. When extracting GitHub automatically adds a containing folder titled CL-Connect-master. If you left this structure as is ensure to add this folder to the end of your physical path.


5. After that your site should only have the CL-Connect extracted files under it, like so:

6. Click on the site and then Browse on the right hand side of the page.

7. If everything went smoothly you should now be able to browse to the site, it should look something like this:

8. Please move on to the next setup step here: 'Setup simple HTTP keep-alive scheduled task'.

NOTE: If you do not access the CL Connect application directly from the server it is installed on, the configuration links will be disabled and the home page will be all you can access. This is a security feature of the application that allows only those who have access to the server to have access to the configuration UI.