This guide will walk you through setting up a PowerShell script. The purpose of this script is so that your CL Connect website is constantly pinged.

***Requirements:This script requires at least Powershell version 3.0.***

1. Create a new file called "keepalive.ps1" in the root of the C: drive with the following contents:

Add the following line into the contents of the keepalive.ps1 file and save it:
invoke-webrequest -UseBasicParsing http://localhost

***After the public DNS for your school's instance of CL Connect is created, please change http://localhost to the name of your school's public DNS***

2. Open the Windows Task Scheduler.

a. Shortcut:Windows key+R, then “control schedtasks”, <enter>

3. Create a new task


4. Name the job. In my example:”CL Connect HTTP Keepalive”

5. Change the User for the job to Local Service


6. Create a schedule. This is up to your needs, in my example I have the job executing daily and then repeating every 5 minutes all day.


7. Add an action with the following information:

a. Program/Script: “Powershell

b. Add arguments: ”-noprofile  -NonInteractive -executionpolicy bypass -file c:\keepalive.ps1”


8. The CL Connect and IIS setup is complete.

Please move on to the 'Setup API Credentials' configuration.