Video Overview ~ ISIR Upload Configuration

Step by Step Guide

This guide will walk you through setting up ISIR imports in CL Connect.

The Automated ISIR Upload process sets up a drop point in a location of one's choosing to place all ISIRs to be automatically uploaded. It is the clients responsibility to drop the needed files into the specified directory. The process then runs on either a Daily, Hourly, Minutely, or Weekly basis. Once an ISIR has been successfully uploaded it is then moved to another location of one's choosing for archiving.

The ISIR Upload step will allow you to configure settings related to the automated upload process for ISIR files.

1. Open CL Connect and select the Clicking Here option on step 1.

2. Check the ISIR Uploads checkbox and then click continue.

2. Pass the API credential and Application Settings screens (see this guide 'Setting API Credentials' for help with setting your API credentials) and navigate to ISIR Upload.


3. Enter the Upload Frequency, file paths for the Upload folder as well as the Archive Folder and which days you would like the service to run and then click continue.

    Click Save on the next screen.

*Upload File Path: The file path where the ISIR files are located. Clicking “Select Folder” will allow you navigate through your C:\ drive to select a folder, but you can also manually enter the path to the specified folder in the given textbox. You must allow permissions on the specified folder in order for the process to work. Clicking the “test” button will allow you to ensure that CL Connect has the appropriate read/write permissions on the path provided. The path cannot be the same as AwardLetter Upload's if that feature is enabled.

*Archive File Path: Similar to the Upload File Path, the archive file path will allow you to specify the folder where you would like the ISIR files to be placed after processing. Permissions must also be granted to this folder.

*Upload Frequency Type: The frequency at which the files should be processed.

Weekly: Once a week at 12AM on Monday

Daily: once a day at 12AM

Minutely: every minute

Hourly: every hour at the top of the hour for UTC time

*Days To Run: Indicates the days of the week that the batch process will run. At least one day must be selected.

Web.config example:

Move on to the "Submit Test ISIR" page.