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Guide Summary:


This guide is a walk through on how to configure CL Connect for ISIR Upload processing.

The Automated ISIR Upload process sets up a drop point in a directory to place the ISIR files to be uploaded to StudentForms on the frequency chosen. It is the school's responsibility to drop the ISIR files into the specified directory configured in CL Connect. This directory can be local to the server or a network path (UNC). Once an ISIR file has been successfully uploaded to StudentForms, it is moved to another folder/directory location for archiving with an added time/date stamp to the file name.


File Explorer:


1. Create the directories for the Upload and Archive and ensure CL Connect has read/write permission to those directories. In the example below: the directories are local to the server and were created as sub-folders at C:\CL-Connect_Data



NOTE: If the directories are going to be local to the server, please refer to this article to Create/Identify Network Folders.

If a network path (UNC) is prefered, then a service user needs to be created for CL Connect and the IIS identity needs to be changed so CL Connect can be granted the read/write permissions. Here is how to update IIS and change the identity for CL Connect.


CL Connect:


2. Navigate to the CL Connect landing page and click on the Clicking Here... link for Setup CL Connect.


Initial Setup:


3. Check the ISIR Uploads checkbox and then click ISIR Upload on the left side menu.



ISIR Uploads:


4. The ISIR Upload configuration in CL Connect will require the following information:


Upload Frequency: The frequency at which the files should be processed. Default value is "Daily".

  • Weekly: Once a week at 12AM UTC time on Monday
  • Daily: once a day at 12AM UTC time
  • Hourly: every hour at the top of the hour
  • Minutely: every minute


INFO: We use the following site to help convert to UTC time based on the time zone:


Days to Run: The days of the week this process will run. This configuration defaults to all seven weekdays. You can simply click the X icon to remove and click into the field to add days that are missing.


Upload Path: The file path of the Upload folder/directory. Clicking “Select Folder” will allow you to navigate through your C:\ drive to select a folder, but you can also manually enter the path to the specified folder in the given textbox. You must allow permissions on the specified folder in order for the process to work. Clicking the “test” button will allow you to ensure that CL Connect has the appropriate read/write permissions on the path provided.


Archive Path: Similar to the Upload Path, the Archive Path will allow you to specify the folder where you would like the files to be placed after processing. Permissions must also be granted to this folder. 


5. After all fields are completed, click on Save Configurations on the left menu.



Save Configurations:


6. Click on the Save button.



NOTE: If the SIS is Colleague (on-prem) - TDClient is built into Colleague. When a school runs DOEI, all the ISIR files are concatenated and the formatting is slightly changed. We created that setting in StudentForms to accommodate for that change. It is located in StudentForms > Settings > Environment > Enable ISIR Padding.


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