Video Overview ~ ISIR Corrections Testing

This video includes testing for ISIR Upload, ISIR Corrections, and Imaging System Testing. The following times indicate where in the video each test begins:

  • ISIR Upload - Beginning of video
  • ISIR Corrections - 5:16 minutes into the video
  • Imaging System - 8:00 minutes into the video

Step by Step Guide

This guide will walk you through testing ISIR corrections. After the test is completed, you should have an ISIR correction file in the ISIR correction folder you created.

1. Start by logging into StudentForms as an administrative user.

If no files are available for review under the File Review section of the Workflow page, you will need to upload the attached test ISIR file and have your financial aid department assist with setting up files for review.

Under the File Review section of the Workflow page, select the View All link. This will give you a list of all available ISIR files for review. Select any record within the grid and double-click, which should redirect you here:

2. Under the highlighted "Status" column towards the bottom of the page, select "ISIR Corrections" from any of the dropdowns available and then click the "Complete Review" button. If the Complete  Review button is grayed out, you'll need to ensure that no documents are pending review. Now you'll want to navigate back to the home page and from there, select the "Admin" menu item from the banner and select "Isir Corrections" which will load the following:

3.  Your reviewed file should be present, which now enables it to be picked up by CLConnect's automated ISIR Corrections process.

4. Back in CL Connect, select Recurring Jobs in the header menu. Under the list of jobs, you should see one for ISIR Corrections. You may manually execute the job by clicking the Trigger Now button.

5. Once the process completes, you should see a file generated with the name that was specified in the wizard as well as any acceptable tokens that were added to it. If you do not have TDClient enabled, the file will be located in the path you specified as "Corrections File Path" in the setup wizard. If you did have TDClient enabled, the archive file will be located in the path you specified as "Archive File Path" in the setup wizard.