This guide will walk you through setting up your public DNS endpoint/webhook to receive events from the StudentForms API. It will also go over adding events to your instance of CL Connect

1. Login to your CampusLogic product and click on  the User Icon. In the drop down, select  Platform Management.

2. Click on Integration and then look for the blue Add button.

3. Enter the name of your public DNS for CL Connect(for example At the end of the DNS name, please add API/NOTIFICATIONEVENT

4. Then, create a username, generate a password*, and click Save.

*When a password is generated, it will only be viewable until you leave the page, so it is important that the value generated is copied and placed in the Incoming API Password field in the Application Settings section of CLConnect before testing your endpoint. If you view the page afterward, the password will appear as a hidden field.

5. Then, to enable events, please go to the product you would like to enable events for (see screenshot for StudentForms) and simply turn on the events.

*For StudentForms, we recommend 101, 105 and 107*

6. Finally, please make sure you Save all changes made

Please move on to the next guide hereSetup ISIR Uploads.