This guide will walk you through testing out the document imaging integration.

**If you have no students in your system, please use the attached ISIR test file to import them. Contact your Financial Aid department for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the import process.

1. Access Student Forms as an administrator.

2. In the header menu, search for a student.

3. Once you've selected a student, click Request SAP.

    This will open a modal window

4. In the modal, you can leave the Award Year as the default value, enter in a random set of characters for Tracking Group, and can enter any comment you'd like for the SAP appeal reason.

5. When finished, click Complete.

     In the subsequent window, click Confirm.


6. Back on the student review page, select SAP Appeal from the Transaction Type dropdown.

    Then, select the File Review tab

7. In the bottom left corner, click the Request Information button.

8. In the given window, choose "Certificate of Citizenship", which will open a modal.

    Fill in the comment section, and then click Save & Close. Next, click Save & Close to close the Request Additional Info window.

9. After exiting, click the Student View tab

    You should now see your requested document under the list of tasks for the student.

    Expand the requested form by clicking the highlighted arrow and then click the Upload button.

10. Upload a document, and then click save to close the window.

      Click, Submit

10. After a few minutes, should see both the document as well as a mapping file show up in your specified documents folder

All of the main integration touch points should now be complete.