Document Naming and Document Mapping in StudentForms

1. Login to StudentForms and navigate to the Integration Tab. Admin> School Settings> Integration

2. Select Document Naming.

  1. Click Add enter a new document name.
    Enter the document name to match the name of the document in your imaging system. 
  2. Click Save to save the changes to a specific document.

Important: If at any point in time the document is no longer used click the Inactive checkbox rather than deleting. Deletion will completely remove the value.

3. Select the Document Mapping tab

The mapping screen presents the 100+ default documents used in StudentForms. The document types are grouped by non-award year specific documents under "General Documents." 

Documents that can be award year specific are listed under each award year to allow for different mapping to your institution's document names as appropriate. Your document naming convention must be completed in the Document Naming section prior to mapping to system documents. 

4. To create a new mapping, navigate to the appropriate system document (labeled StudentVerification Document Name).

  1. Click the value in the "Your Document Name" column - The default setting is "Not Used" 
  2. Enter the value exactly as your imaging system labels the document.
  3. Click Save to save mapping.
    Repeat steps until all of your imaging system documents have been mapped to StudentForms documents. 

Once finished, please move on to the next step here: Create Identify Network Folders .