This article will outline steps for Document Naming and Document Mapping in StudentForms. Document Naming/Document Mapping is used for Event Notifications to provide the output data from CL Connect in the format that is wanted for the SIS or Document Imaging software.


1. Login to StudentForms and select the Settings option on the left menu.



2. Select the Documents tile.



3. Select the Document Naming tile.



4. Click on the Add+ button on the right.



5. Enter the Document Name wanted for the document imaging system and click on the Save button.


6. Repeat Step 5 until all document names wanted are added to the Document Names list.



7. Click on Documents to go back to the tile selection.



8. Select the Document Mapping tile.



9. Notice the Document Mapping starts in the General Documents section. There are additional selections for Award Year specific documents in the dropdown menu on the left.


NOTE: New Award Year documents are available around October, so this process will have to be completed for those new documents each year.


10. Select the Edit Pencil Icon to map the documents to the Document Names that were added in Step 5.



11. Select the Document Name from the dropdown selections.



12. Click on the Save button.



13. The document is now mapped as indicated in the Institutional Document Name column.