This guide will take you through end-to-end testing of the SIS integration for Event Notifications 104, 105 and 107.

Step 1 - Before You Begin...

  • You will need access to the sandbox student environment in order to do this testing. If you do not have your sandbox url please contact your Customer Success Manager or Financial Aid department for the link, and access to the site.
  • Have the student Id of a test student already within your SIS and the award year they are associated to.
  • Download the ISIR(s) for the appropriate award year(s).

Step 2 - Import the test ISIR(s)

The first step is to import the attached ISIR(s)  into your sandbox environment. You would sign into StudentForms, click on Admin, and then ISIR Imports. You then click Import and select your file(s).


Step 3 - Navigate to Student Account

Once the file has finished processing, click on the New value.


From there copy out the SSN of one of the test students.



Close that window and place the copied value in the Search on the main page:


Step 4 - Change the Student Id

This will take you to the Student Account, first click View Settings


You will then set the student Id to your test student Id(note: this needs to match the student id within your SIS)



Then click Return to Home Page


Step 5 - Manually Request a Transaction    

From here manually request a Transaction be created by clicking on the Request Transaction button on the mid-left of the Student Page.


Choose an award year and select Create.


Then you choose the Verification transaction from the Transaction Type dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Step 6 - Remove Existing Tasks

Now depending on which student you chose, there will most likely be a task associated with the transaction you created. If there is such a task, click the Waive Task button on the right hand side of the screen in the Student View.


Next click on File Review, about mid-way down the page, the first tab:


Step 7 - Add a Simple Task    

We will now Request Information, so that we can complete the task with information, which will fire a 105 (Transaction Complete) event notification to fire.

Click on Request Information.


Type passport into the modal Search and click on Student's Passport Add Request


You can put any reason in the Request Comment. Then hit Save & Close.

Step 8 - Complete the Simple Task

You would then click on Student View.


Here you can upload an image to that task, by clicking on Upload (note: what the image is does not matter).


Once your image has been uploaded you can hit the Submit button. 


Then click Finish in the bottom right hand corner.


Step 9 - Review and Complete the File


Click on the Document Type Name, fill in the document values (note: make sure the document values match or the file will not complete it will go into a Correcting Status) on the right, and click Completed.



Scroll to the bottom of the screen, ensure none of the Status dropdowns are ISIR Correction(switch to Match or Ignored if they are)  and click on the Complete Review button.


Step 10 - Check Log in StudentForms

You have successfully created a 105 event. You can now view that event within the Event Notificaiton log in StudentForms by going to Admin, School Settings, Integration.


Then click on View Log. 


From the log you can determine if your call was made, and if it succeeded or failed. Ensure to change the dropdown to include all events sent. 

*Note: Event Notifications are a queued process, and will take a couple of minutes to be sent.


This is what the successfully sent events should look like: Transactions ReCollect(107) and Transaction Completed(105).


Step 11 - Check Processing Queue in CLConnect

Once you have determined that your call was successfully made, you can then look into the Processing Queue in your CL Connect application to ensure it was recieved there. From there it should then route the appropriate information to your Stored Procedure and you can determine if it was successful in transmitting that information within that Queue.

Open your CL Connect application and click on Step 2


Then click Jobs in the upper left hand corner


The event will be titled DataService.ProcessPostedEvent, if you see see nothing in the Enqueued/Scheduled/Processing queues, then click on Succeeded and/or Failed. You can select the hyperlinked number next to the Job Name.


This will give you detail on your event, including whether it was successful or had issues. If it was successful then you would check your SIS system to ensure your test student was updated appropriately. If you see a failure, there should be detail as to why that you can use to make adjustments as necessary.

That completes end-to-end testing for Event Notification 105 Transaction Complete. Copy your test Student's last 4 of social

Step 12 - Set Re-collect Status

Testing of Event Notification 107 is very similiar, but you must place your same student now into a Recollect status. In order to do so all you need to do go into Admin Override and reject the document previously submitted.

To do this go back to your test student. You can do so by taking that last 4 of the social that you copied, and placing it in the Search at the top right of the screen.


That will take you back to your student account, once again select Verification from the dropdownblob1478289873876.png

Click on File Review once again.blob1478290001421.png

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Admin Override.


Then click on the Student's Passport document


Then hit the Reject button on the document review screen


You can put whatever reason for the rejection. Confirm Reject.


You should now see Re-Collecting documents as the status in the middle left of the screen.


Step 13 - Check Queue and Log once again

That successfully triggers Event Notificaiton 107. You can now repeat steps 10 and 11.

And that concludes the steps for testing the SIS integration for event notifications 104, 105 and 107.

If you plan on proceeding with our Document Imaging System integration, please click the link here: Doc Imaging System