This guide provides guidance on utilizing the Banner stored procedure template we provided you.

There is a dependency table that is part of the provided Stored Procedure, it is commented out and leads with the title: /* DEPENDENT TABLES, please ensure to create this first.

  • Install the stored procedure that was provided to you by your Customer Success Manager in your Oracle database for Banner.
  • The rrrareq referenced in the provided Stored Procedure is titled VERIFY, please adjust that if your rrrareq is named differently.
  • There are status codes in the provided Stored Procedure, C and N, these come from the RTVTRST table, and may vary. They refer to C: Completed, and N: Needs Completion. Update yours accordingly.

Once the stored procedure is updated and installed, please move on to the next guide here: Configure Student Forms - Incoming API Credentials and CL Connect URL .