Video Overview ~ Banner Stored Procedure Configuration

This video does not cover Unidata Colleague.

Step by Step Guide

This guide provides guidance on utilizing the Banner stored procedure template we provided you.

There is a dependency table that is part of the provided Stored Procedure, it is commented out and leads with the title: /* DEPENDENT TABLES, please ensure to create this first.

  • Install the stored procedure that was provided to you by your Customer Success Manager in your Oracle database for Banner.
  • The rrrareq referenced in the provided Stored Procedure is titled VERIFY, please adjust that if your rrrareq is named differently.
  • There are status codes in the provided Stored Procedure, C and N, these come from the RTVTRST table, and may vary. They refer to C: Completed, and N: Needs Completion. Update yours accordingly.

Once the stored procedure is updated and installed, please move on to the next guide here: Configure Student Forms - Incoming API Credentials and CL Connect URL .