Communication Activity

An audit trail of all email and sms communication to a student can be viewed from the student account screen by school users.

  • Access the student account via search or from the workflow page (click on student's name link at top of page)
  • Scroll to Account Activity Section¬†

  • On the communication activity tab a listing of the communications set from StudentForms to the student will be listed including the message type (email or SMS) the type of communication and either the phone number or email address the communication was sent.¬†
  • Click on the Email or SMS Text links to see body of communication.

Please Note the Following

  • Times are listed using UTC timezone not your institutional timezone (We know this stinks and we want to fix it too)
  • If students had communication sent to them prior to 10/30/2014 these will not be listed - we didn't store the data way back then
  • If the message includes information related to resetting/verifying passwords or two factor authentication you won't be able to open them for security reasons (Don't be offended. We consider everybody a security risk)