Release Notes

A few fixes, performance improvements, and a few customer requests. We also added a few enhancements our already world class security based on our annual security audit. 


  • [SV-1130] - Amended Taxes Section add option to drop down

Now allows students who accidentally entered that they or their parents had amended taxes on their FAFSA to identify that there are no amended taxes. 

  • [SV-1923] - SV Report Query Optimization

Optimized the queries behind data exports. Sorry you won't be able to go get coffee now while the report runs. 

  • [SV-1971] - Web Form Enhancement: Additional Un-taxed Information Form

Added additional fields to the Additional Untaxed Information web forms. This should help resolve several 399 situations. 

  • [SV-1987] - Hide Add/Delete Pages for Lifetime Documents One the Document Is Approved

To prevent students from accidentally versioning lifetime documents. The add pages button is now hidden if a lifetime document has already been approved. 

  • [SV-1992] - Citizenship Options Update

Institutions now have the option to request students either present documents in person or submit electronically with and affidavit. Details for this setting can be found in the Document Setup article. 

  • [SV-1998] - Update Create Account Call to Action

Based on customer feedback that students and especially parents were not finding the option to create an account. We redesigned the login page for direct sign-on (Parents are always direct sign-on). There was a lot of internal debate on the design but I think we nailed it!

  • [SV-1999] - Reject Notification Enhancements

Comments for returned documents now appear inline with tasks to help students identify the specific item. 

  • [SV-2000] - Record of Communications sent to students

A long standing request. Now you can see the history of communication sent to the student and what was sent. Might come in handy the next time a student says "I didn't know I needed to turn that in...". Take a look here.

  • [SV-2003] - Secure Password Storage / Admin Selected API Credentials

We changed the behavior of generating an API credential when you set up integrations. The password is now masked when you save it. 

  • [SV-2008] - Re-Authenticate User When Performing Sensitive Transactions

For greater security profile information related to password reset and two factor authentication now require the student to enter their password to approve the change. 



  • [SV-2034] - Webform Uneditable if Rejected with Unfinished Signing Request
  • [SV-2035] - Rejected Lifetime Docs
  • [SV-2036] - ISIR PDF Award Year Error
  • [SV-2039] - Can Not Reject Documents with Expiration Date
  • [SV-2042] - Two-Step Remember Device Not Working