This guide will provide basic instruction on setting up and configuring CL Connect's firewall rules.

In order for our API service to communicate with your newly created, publicly facing instance of CL Connect, you must configure the server's firewall in a way that the below ports, IPs and URLs are whitelisted.

Incoming Connections:

Port: 443

Protocol: TCP

IPs: - - - - - -

Outbound Connections:

Ports: 443, 5443

Protocol: TCP

IPs: - - - - - -

Additional AwardLetter Sandbox API

Additional AwardLetter Production API's


2. After your firewall is configured, please run the attached PowerShell script. If you receive a 'True' message, than your instance of CL Connect was able to successfully communicate with our API service.

If the PowerShell script comes back with a 'True' message then please continue to the next step here: Establish Public DNS for CL Connect and Install Valid SSL Certificate.