In order for any CampusLogic products to send you Event Notification data back to your instance of CL Connect, you need to establish a public-facing DNS for CL Connect that our system can talk to and the API credentials needed to make the request. This guide will walk you through creating those API credentials and adding the CL Connect endpoint URL to the PlatformManagement application.



1. After your instance of CL Connect has a public facing DNS, please log into the PlatformManagement Application - this can be accessed from any of the CampusLogic products by clicking your username icon in the top, right-hand corner and selecting Platform Management


2. Once you're in PlatformManagement, select Integration from the left-hand menu and click on the Event Notifications tile:

3. Under Client Endpoints select Add:

4. Enter in the DNS for your instance of CL Connect as the Endpoint URL, add a Username of your choice, and select the Generate New Password button to create the incoming API Password (copy this for later use).

For the Endpoint URL, make sure to append the end of the URL with "/api/NotificationEvent"

The Username and Password that's generated here need to be entered into CL Connect under the Application Settings configuration (see Step #6 below)

5. Once this information is entered, you MUST click two Save buttons:

6. Once this information has been saved to PlatformMangement, navigate to your CL Connect instance and click the Clicking here... link for #1 Setup CL Connect:

7. Select Application Settings and enter in the same Username and Password you generated in PlatformManagement under the Incoming API section:

8. Navigate to Save Configurations in the menu on the left and click the Save button on the right:

Please keep in mind that once this connection is established and you have subscribed to Event Notifications in PlatformManagement, our system will begin to send notifications to CL Connect as they happen.