Release Notes

Maintenance items, a few enhancements and client specific custom forms. We swear we are done monkeying around with citizenship settings (at least until another customer comes to us with another policy). 


  • [SV-2100] - House Hold Web Form Output - Add statement that taxes were not amended

When a student and/or parent identified as having amended taxes (Triggered when IRS Display flag = H) the student can now select the option that taxes were not actually amended. A statement to that effect is included explicitly on the webform.

  • [SV-2061] - Citizenship Settings - Allow Citizenship Functionality to be Turned Off

New setting allows for turning off the creation of tasks completely for comment codes here.

  • [SV-2091] - New Webform Business Events 

New events 406 and 407 will be triggered when a student (406) or a parent (407) e-signs a webform. An institution can subscribe to these events and configure CL Connect to listen for them to identify students who have completed a webform (e.e. Household form).