This guide will walk you through the Colleague SIS Setup.

The attached screenshots and stored procedure are examples to help your school get up and running. Again, please remember the attached stored procedure will likely need to be modified and customized to fit your school's needs. 

If you are using this stored procedure without making any modifications, you will need to setup CL Connect with the following parameters:

Package Name = dbo.CLImportIntoColleague (this comes straight from the Stored Procedure template attached to this article. This needs to match whatever that's updated to, if it's updated at all.)

Parameter 1 Information. @StudentId , Varchar , (Enter the length of your Student ID) , EventStudentId

Parameter 2 Information. @FaYear , Varchar , 9, EventAwardYearFormat1

Parameter 3 Information. @CodeType , Varchar , 3 , EventNotificationId

Parameter 4 Information. @TransactionCategory , Int , EventSvTransactionCategoryId

Once these parameters are passed through to your instance of Colleague, it will update the verification code on the FASI tables from a 2 to a 7, and it will also apply a verification date.

107 events = 2 and an I for Communication and Mailing Codes

105 events from CLConnect = 7 and an R for Communication and Mailing Codes

You must grant the CLConnect user execute on the DB.

Also, you must find all tables (for example cs_2019 ch_corr etc.) and grant the user update and select permissions.

If CORR mailing table does not update, please ensure the the Varchar value is set to 8 for the mailing code in the stored procedure. By default it normally shows as 7 and will sometimes cutoff one of the characters that gets passed ( ie. F20CISI gets passed --- it should be F20CISIR)

***Please note that you need to use the full Colleague ID when running an EventNotification test. If you don't, you run the run the risk of creating an orphan in the SIS files.

Once you create the stored procedure and install it in your DB, please move on to the next guide here: Configure Student Forms - Incoming API Credentials and CL Connect URL .

Stored procedure provided through the courtesy of Ellucian on behalf of Neumann University.