Reaffirming an ISIR Value

The following steps explain how to create a correction that is actually a confirmation of an existing ISIR value in the system. Confirming corrections are made through Full File Review.

Navigation to Full File Review

  • Search for the student or access the student from file review. 

  • Select Verification from the Transaction Type drop down. If the student does not have a verification transaction available click on Request Transaction to create a generic transaction and access file review.


  • Select Full File Review

  • Click the pencil icon next to the field to be confirmed to open edit mode.
  • Select the confirm checkbox.
  • Click the checkmark icon to save .

The confirmed information will be included in the next correction file batch and will generate a subsequent ISIR. To remove the confirmation flag use the delete icon prior to the correction batch being generated. 

Please Note: There are certain values that may not be corrected in StudentForms. Please review the known issue Corrections to Email, High School Name, reject/assumption overrides in StudentForms.