Students who are receiving California state aid via the California ISIR process can be managed within StudentForms for verification, comment code resolution, professional judgments, SAP Appeals, and custom forms. In general, these students are managed through these processes in the same way as other student records that use a Federal ISIR. The summary below outlines the functional differences for importing Cal ISIRs, finding Dream Students, processing ISIR Corrections. If you are a California institution and would like to activate this feature, please contact your customer success manager.

ISIR Import

Cal ISIRs are imported manually at this time via the ISIR Import under Admin>ISIR Import.

If Cal ISIR feature is enabled in your environment an additional import button for Select California Dream Files will be available. 

Click the button and browse to the location where the files to be imported are located. 

Select the files and upload.


  • The Import Type column in the grid will identify between Normal (Federal ISIRs) and Cal ISIRs.
  • If the wrong import is used the file will process but all records will get an invalid status. In this case, repeat the import.


Student and Parent Account Creation

The account creation process remains the same for these students. As part of the 4 key identifies for matching to an ISIR and for eSignature the student or parent will be asked for the identifier provided by the state that is labelled SSN.

Student's account has indicator that they are a Dream Student

Document Collection

The system will generate personalized tasks for document collection using the ISIR data and comment codes in the same way that students with a Federal ISIR are processed. 

File Review

Cal ISIR students will be included in File Review process along with the Federal ISIR students. 

ISIR Corrections

These corrections will not be included in the correction file generated for Federal ISIRs. Because currently there is no electronic upload for Cal ISIR Corrections, a new report has been added under Reports>Cal ISIR Corrections. The report includes the fields corrected and the corrected values. This information can be used for correcting the ISIR via the Cal ISIR portal.