Release Notes

Along with bug fixes, performance and security improvements. This release promises significant time savings for your institution with some big features. Also please read our response at the bottom to DRT outage at the end of the note. 


  • [SV-1818]  Automatic Capture of Required Information from Tax Transcripts with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - BETA Release

Option to have uploaded Tax Transcripts read by OCR and pre-populate fields in document review. Automation will reduce key strokes and require one click review of information. Currently only available for Tax Transcripts but could expand to other document types in the future. As a BETA program, institutions can opt in by contacting their customer success manager. 

  • [SV-2085] Support for California ISIR Processing - DREAM Students

This update allows for the upload of California ISIRs allowing for all StudentForms functionality to be available to DREAM Students. California institutions can contact their customer success manager to activate this feature at no addition charge. For instructions please see CAL ISIR Overview

  • [SV-2072] - Bulk Action - Additional Information Requests

Request additional information in bulk for a list of students either created in the system or imported from your SIS. This includes the ability to assign tasks for customer forms in bulk. For instructions please see Bulk Action Guide.

  • [SV-2068] - Create a Correction by Reaffirming an ISIR Value

Generate a correction to reaffirm a value to the department (e.g. Reaffirm birth date to generate another SSA check). For instructions please see Reaffirm ISIR Value FAQ.


  • [SV-2076] Custom Triggers Not Using Operational Dates - Triggers will now adhere to Operation Start and End Dates defined under Admin>School Settings>Award Years. Please note, triggers that are initiated by ISIR imports will not fire if ISIRs are loaded before the operational start for the award year. 

  • [SV-2113] Unsealed Document Can't be Reviewed - This situation occurred because the student had the same task open in two browser tabs. This created two versions of the document. Fix involves making one browser tab read only if same item is opened twice. 

  • [SV-2113] Parent Verify Email Redirect to Student Login

DRT Outage Announcement

CampusLogic makes every effort to adjust functionality within its products based on new regulatory guidance and requirements throughout the year as needed. As you are all painfully aware, late the week of March 6 the IRS deactivated the Data Retrieval Tool found in the FAFSA. On Thursday March 9, a joint statement from the Department of Education and the Internal Revenue Service indicated the outage would be minor and expected it to last several weeks. The deactivation does not change the requirement for a student to provide tax documentation, but instead would require them to provide the tax transcript instead of using the DRT. Given the lack of visibility provided IRS and DOE regarding reinstatement of the DRT, CampusLogic will take steps to temporarily remove the option for students to return to the FAFSA and use the DRT. When the DRT is brought back up this action will be reversed and the ability to go back to the FAFSA and use the DRT will be re-instated.

In an effort to ease the impact on students and your office, we will also provide a list of students and or parents who indicated on the House Hold form that they would use the DRT and where no subsequent ISIR has been received with a DRT code of 02. The report will be delivered to you by your Success Manager. This will allow you to follow up with those students to ensure they are appropriately requesting the transcript. In these instances the student will need to go back into the House Hold form and indicate they will upload the transcript.

It is anticipated that this adjustment to the application should happen quickly. You will be notified of the change through the standard release notifications and release notes. Until that time, please remember that students always have the option of uploading a copy of the tax transcript into the StudentForms application. We do encourage you to continue to educate students on the unavailability of the DRT via traditional communication methods. 

CampusLogic Product Team